Stripes and Colors
- A light background?

- Or a dark background?

- Several simple stripes?

- Or a wide stripe made up of different colors?

- The entire hem of the tallit a different color?

- Wavy stripes instead of straight?

- Or no stripes at all?

- A sports team tallit for the sport enthusiast in the family? Shown here are the Mets, the Bruins, the Sharks, the Cubs/Angels/UCLA, the Cal Bears, the Celtics, the Longhorns, the Red Sox, Indiana U, the Hurricanes, Oakland A’s, and the SF Seals.

A'sTH SealsTH

Names and Dates
- Your Hebrew name or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah date can be embroidered on the tallit or the bag, but the embroidery on the tallit must be on the inside so it can be easily removed in case of a return.

Atarah Styles
The atarah can be plain, or it can have something embroidered on it—the blessing recited when putting the tallit on, a verse from the Psalms or the Prophets, and so on. Click here for more information and bigger pictures.
AllGoldTH A'sTH StuZangwillTH RedBlackTH

Bag Styles
The bag can be either a fold-over style (the brown and gold below), or zippered. I typically make a stripe that resembles the atarah or just combines the tallit colors in a variety of ways.

Any other ideas or wishes? E-mail me.